Title: At the Beach, Volume 2, Author: Pepper Anthony
Title: Holiday Kisses, Author: Aimee Duffy
Title: The First Night, Author: Sidda Lee Tate
Title: At the Beach, Volume 1, Author: Ella Jade
Title: Fool Me Once, Author: Lacey Wolfe
Title: The Protectors, Volume 2, Author: Hazel Gower
Title: Heart of the Underworld, Author: Elise Whyles
Title: Griffen's Mate, Author: Hazel Gower
Title: A Bride for Lord Redfield, Author: Arabella Sheen
Title: Crossfire of Love, Author: Ella Jade
Title: Dragon's Heart, Volume 1, Author: T. Cobbin
Title: Order of Terminus Box Set, Author: Olivia Starke
Title: Project Terminal Box Set, Author: Olivia Starke
Title: The Six Million Dollar Zombie, Author: Imogene Nix
Title: Carnal Transgression, Author: Faye Hall
Title: Super Love, Author: Stephanie Beck
Title: Christmas Love, Author: Hazel Gower
Title: In His Alien Hands, Author: C. L. Scholey
Title: Relentless Pursuit, Author: Ella Jade
Title: Sunny's Second Chance, Author: Nola Cross

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