Title: Rasta Time, Author: Kathy  Arlyn Sokol
Title: My RAD Career, Author: Bill Allen
Title: The Biting Cold, Author: Matthew Hellman
Title: The Cosmic Embrace and Other Stories, Author: Randall DeVallance
Title: A Long Road to Redemption, Author: Tom Brewster
Title: Our Disunited States of America, Author: Donald Jansiewicz
Title: Gypsum, Author: Chris Rellim
Title: The Body in the Marine Buildings, Author: Richard Hernaman Allen
Title: Fill the Chalice, Author: Sean Mott
Title: Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool, Author: Stephen Gashler
Title: Franklin Hobbs and the Quagmire of Darkness, Author: D. Hudson Hallow
Title: Blood of the Beast, Author: M. Ward Leon
Title: The Shoreless Sea, Author: J.B. Toner
Title: The Yellowwood Tree, Author: Rick Auterson
Title: Of Julia and Men, Author: Peggy Hinaekian
Title: The Self That I Long to Believe In: The Challenge of Building Self-Esteem, Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Title: A Death in a Snowstorm, Author: Joel Jurrens
Title: Dreamwalkers, Author: Brooke Terry
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Title: Curious Proviso, Author: Robert C. Cox
Title: Terror at Visitation Lake, Author: W.A. Holmes

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