Title: Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala, Author: Meenal Patel
Title: Stands Before His People: Enmegahbowh and the Ojibwe, Author: Verne Pickering
Title: The Beautiful Snow: The Ingalls Family, the Railroads, and the Hard Winter of 1880-81, Author: Cindy Wilson
Title: Tree Spirited Woman, Author: Colleen Baldrica
Title: Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow, Author: Kevin A. Kuhn
Title: Lenny the Crow, Author: Angela Halgrimson
Title: Nobody Likes A Booger, Author: Angela Halgrimson
Title: Working with Grandpa: My Years Living and Working with the Oldest Living Lakota Medicine Man, and Afterward, Author: Karl Hamann
Title: The Healing Doll Way, Author: Barb Kobe
Title: Do You Realize?, Author: Kevin Kuhn
Title: The Music of the Soul Lives On: A Henry Mackaman Experience, Author: Henry Mackaman
Title: Bellies to the Sky: A Bedtime Breathwork Book, Author: Colleen Canning
Title: Night Wraith Issue #1, Author: Ty Marcellus
Title: The Funny Thing about Grief, Author: Katie Stifter
Title: Created for Greatness: Living Your Best Life Through God's Word, Author: Greg Stephens
Title: Minnesota's Oldest Murder Mystery: The Case of Edward Phalen: St. Paul's Unsaintly Pioneer, Author: Gary Brueggemann
Title: Cameron Goes to School, Author: Sheletta Brundidge
Title: Roses of the Prairie: The Artistry of Belle Mehus, Alma Mehus Studness, and Anne-Marit Studness Bergstrom, Author: LaWayne Leno
Title: The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies, Author: Amy Recob
Title: Daniel Finds His Voice, Author: Sheletta Brundidge

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