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Title: Letters Never Sent, Author: Sandra Moran
Title: Shell Game, Author: Benny Lawrence
Title: Hope Valley, Author: Haviva Ner-David
Title: Summers of Fire: A Memoir of Adventure, Love and Courage, Author: Linda Strader
Title: Bipolarized II: An Inside Guide to the
Title: Knight Predator, Author: Jordan Falconer
Title: Hekolatis' Promise, Author: T.J. Mindancer
#1 in Series
Title: Future Dreams, Author: T. J. Mindancer
#1 in Series
Title: Present Paths, Author: T. J. Mindancer
#2 in Series
Title: Past Echoes, Author: T. J. Mindancer
#3 in Series
Title: Prey for Us, Author: Jordan Falconer
Title: Let Us Prey, Author: Jordan Falconer
Title: In the Stillness of Dawn, Author: Laurie Salzler
Title: A Kiss Before Dawn, Author: Laurie Salzler
Title: Recorder of Deeds, Author: Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick
Title: Frederica and the Viscountess, Author: Barbara Davies
Title: Lavender Secrets, Author: Sandra Barret
Title: The Paths of Marriage, Author: Mala Kumar
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Title: Dreaming Against the Current: A Rabbi's Soul Journey, Author: Haviva Ner-David
Title: Shadow the Sandhill Crane, Author: Hazel Keays Northey

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