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Title: The Serpent Drybbuk: A Being Human Short Novel by A.J Bella, Author: Bella Davin Arries
Title: Being Human - A User Guide: Why we do what we do, Author: Anne Burton
Title: The Karma of Being Human: Searching For Enlightenment, Author: Thomas W Harding
Title: Being Human, Author: Christina Grant
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Getting the Hang of Being a Human: Your Go-to Guide for Knowing Yourself, Thinking for Yourself, and Being Your Best Self
by Bec Mutch
Narrated by  Ashlinn Romagnoli
#1 in Series
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Title: Feelings Explained: Emotions Tamed: Understanding the Inner Messages Behind Your Emotions, Author: Chris W. E. Johnson
Title: The Fairies' Guide to Being Human Magical Companion, Author: Elizabeth Saenz
Title: Some Micro-Fiction On Love (Notes on Being Human), Author: Barbara Brutt
Title: Shaping a Humane World: Civilizations - Axial Times - Modernities - Humanisms, Author: Oliver Kozlarek
Title: Traces of Humanism in China: Tradition and Modernity, Author: Carmen Meinert
Title: Being Human: Season Four
Title: Humanism in Intercultural Perspective: Experiences and Expectations, Author: Jörn Rüsen