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Title: A Drop of Magic, Author: L.R. Braden
Title: Edisto Tidings, Author: C. Hope Clark
Title: Dying on Edisto, Author: C. Hope Clark
Title: Special Gifts, Author: Anne Stuart
Title: The Turning Tide, Author: Diana Pharaoh Francis
Title: Courting Darkness, Author: L. R. Braden
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Title: Magnolia Creek, Author: Jill Marie Landis
Title: Renegade, Author: Justine Davis
Title: Newberry Sin, Author: C. Hope Clark
Title: Crazy Like a Fox, Author: Anne Stuart
Title: Black Pearl, Author: Donnell Ann Bell
Title: The Christmas Baby Bargain, Author: Pam Mantovani
Title: Falling Angel, Author: Anne Stuart
Title: Barking with the Stars, Author: Sparkle Abbey
Title: A View of the River, Author: Kathleen Eagle
Title: Gambler, Author: Justine Davis
Title: The Kitchen Charmer, Author: Deborah Smith
Title: Bewitching Hour, Author: Anne Stuart
Title: Until Tomorrow, Author: Jill Marie Landis
Title: Seeker, Author: Susan Kearney

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