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Title: Rudey's Windy Christmas (Read Along), Author: Helen Baugh
Title: There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight, Author: Penny Parker Klostermann
Title: The Spooky Wheels On The Bus, Author: Elizabeth Mills
Title: Land Shark, Author: Beth Ferry
Title: A Cooked-Up Fairy Tale, Author: Penny Parker Klostermann
Title: Rudy's Windy Christmas, Author: Helen Baugh
June 16th
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Title: The Best Birthday Present Ever!, Author: Ben Mantle
Title: Follow the Track All the Way Back, Author: Timothy Knapman
Title: Giant Jelly Jaws and The Pirates, Author: Helen Baugh
Title: Giggle Giggle What's So Funny?, Author: Ben Mantle
Title: Tom's Magnificent Machines, Author: Linda Sarah
Title: Little Red Reading Hood, Author: Lucy Rowland
Title: Perfect Soup, Author: Lisa Moser
Title: One Sheep, Blue Sheep, Author: Thom Wiley
Title: Wriggle Wriggle What's That?, Author: Ben Mantle
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Title: Five Little Pumpkins, Author: Ben Mantle
Title: Trick or Treat: 12 Board Books, Author: Ben Mantle
Title: Dinostars and the Planet Plundering Pirates, Author: Ben Mantle
Title: This Is Not That Kind of Book, Author: Christopher Healy Pre-Order Now
Title: Treasure Island: Press Out and Build Pirate Ship, Author: Karen King

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