Title: Cold Conviction, Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Title: Wining and Dying, Author: Daryl Wood Gerber Pre-Order Now
Title: A Design to Die For, Author: Kathleen Bridge
Title: Berried Motives, Author: Peg Cochran
Title: Double or Muffin, Author: Victoria Hamilton
Title: Wreath Between the Lines, Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Title: Berried in the Past, Author: Peg Cochran
Title: No Darkness as like Death, Author: Nancy Herriman
Title: Shredding the Evidence, Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Title: A Fatal Faberge, Author: Ellery Adams
Title: Hiss H for Homicide, Author: T. C. LoTempio
Title: The Deeds of the Deceitful, Author: Ellery Adams
Title: A Christmas Mourning: An Amish Mystery Short Story, Author: Laura Bradford
Title: Divide and Concord (Wine Trail Mystery Series #5), Author: J.C. Eaton
Title: Nipped in the Bud (Orchard Mystery Series #12), Author: Sheila Connolly
Title: Berried at Sea, Author: Peg Cochran
Title: A Bidder End, Author: Parker Riggs
Title: Mint Condition Murder, Author: Ellery Adams Pre-Order Now
Title: Manor of Dying, Author: Kathleen Bridge
Title: Sifting Through Clues, Author: Daryl Wood Gerber

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