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Title: Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture, Author: K. M. Suresh
Title: Aspects of Indological Studies: Classical Literature, Dharma's astra, and Epics-Pur anas, Author: Mukund Lalji Wadekar
Title: Hindu Philosophy of Religion, Author: N. V. Thadani
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Title: Aesthetics, Author: B. Tirupati Rao
Title: Aspects of Manuscript Studies: Editing and Interpreting Veda, Classical Sanskrit Literature, Dharmasastra, Puranas and Manuscriptology, Author: Mukund Lalji Wadekar
Title: Hymns from the Rigveda Samhita Text: With Translation in English, Author: R. Zimmermann
Title: Material Culture Depicted in Vijayanagara Temples, Author: K. Reddeppa
Title: Archaeology of Karnataka: Pre and Proto History of South Western Region, Author: K. P. Poonacha
Title: The Rigveda and Vedic Religion, Author: R. K. Panda
Title: Rock Art of South India: With Special Reference to Andhra Pradesh, Author: N. Chandramouli
Title: Sanskrit Grammar, Author: Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar
Title: Excavating Painted Rockshelters, Author: A. K. Sharma
Title: Decorative Arts of South Indian Temples, Author: M. Adinarayana
Title: Karmamimamsa-Darsana: Mula Samskrta Ka Bhasanuvada Aura Bhasabhasya Sahita, Author: Bharadvaja
Title: Some Aspects of the Studies of DharmaSastra, Author: S. G. Moghe
Title: Pali-English Dictionary, Author: A.P.B. Mahathera
Title: Early Indian Religious Thought, Author: P. D. Mehta
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Title: Architecture of Bhoslas of Nagpur, Author: K. M. Girhe
Title: Vicaradipa of Bhagavatkavi: A Critical Study: With Critical Edition, Introduction, Translation, and Notes, Author: Nina Bhavnagari
Title: Sculptural Art of Mansar, Author: Krishna Deva

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