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Title: Narcotics Counterinsurgency Dilemma, Author: Thomas L. Galli
Title: Manipulating the OODA Loop: The Overlooked Role of Information Resource Management in Information Warfare, Author: Gregory M. Schechtman
Title: Psychokinesis and its Possible Implications to Warfare Strategy, Author: Gary W. Norton
Title: The Chaos of Katrina, Author: Gerald W. Morris
Title: Officer Education: Preparing Leaders for the Air Force of 2035, Author: John W. Pearse
Title: Command and Control of Military Forces in the Homeland, Author: Jeffrey W. Burkett
Title: Civil Air Patrol Heritage Toolbook, Author: Marie E. Merrick
Title: Vietnam and CORDS: Interagency Lessons for Iraq, Author: Donald M. Brown
Title: When Should a Commander Be Relieved? a Study of Combat Reliefs of Commanders of Battalions and Lower Units During the Vietnam Era, Author: Thomas V. Draude
Title: Technical Feasibility of Loitering Lighter-Than-Air Near-Space Maneuvering Vehicles, Author: Eric R. Moomey
Title: Organizational Change in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, Author: William J. Griffith
Title: The Role of Airpower in Urban Warfare: An Airman's Perspective, Author: Timothy L. Saffold
Title: Gray Ghost and his Featherbed Guerrillas: A Leadership Analysis of John S. Mosby and the 43rd Virginia Cavalry, Author: Michael D. Pyott
Title: Megabyte will Always get Through, Author: Deborah S. Karagosian
Title: EC-121D Constellation Operations in Vietnam, Author: Jimmy W. Warren
Title: Intervention in Vietnam: President Eisenhower's Foreign Policy, Author: James F. Slaton
Title: Ride the Cyclone, Author: David Anderson
Title: Logistical Problems Peculiar to Arctic Operations, Author: Thomas W. Donnell
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Title: A Study in the Criticism of Prose Fiction from Daniel Defoe to Jane Austen, Author: Hulda L. Ise
Title: Maintenance Training in the Technical Services, Author: Robert N. Skaggs

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