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Title: A Mind to Murder, Author: Daniella Bernett
Title: Wickwythe Hall, Author: Judithe Little
Title: The Triad, Author: John Reinhard Dizon
Title: The Deadliest Thief ~ A Miriam bat Isaac Mystery in Ancient Alexandria, Author: June Trop
Title: A Mind to Murder: An Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon Mystery, Author: Daniella Bernett
Title: Sedna: North Star, Raven Woman, Author: Pinkie Paranya
Title: Raven Woman, Author: Pinkie Paranya
Title: Beneath A Towering Sky: A Story of Love, Death, and Survival in Montana Territory, Author: Tom Keith
Title: Cornered, Author: Alan Brenham
Title: The Lost Power (VanOps Series #1), Author: Avanti Centrae
Title: Tiana, Gift of the Moon ~ Women of the Northland ~ Book 2, Author: Pinkie Paranya
Title: Apart, Author: R. James Milos
Title: The Ragnarök Vaults, Author: Michael Perrota
Title: Price of Justice, Author: Alan Brenham
Title: Architect of Courage, Author: Victoria Weisfeld
Title: Murder at the Estate Sale, Author: Lily Charles
Title: The Rising Tide: A Sidney Lake Lowcountry Mystery, Author: Tim Holland
Title: You Don't Know Jack, Author: Daniel J. Barrett
Title: Buried Trust, Author: Nancy A Hughes
Title: Lost in Time, Author: Ramona Forrest

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