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Title: A Pub on Every Corner?: Drink and the Licensed Trade in Nineteenth-Century Berwick-upon-Tweed, Author: Wendy Bell Scott
Title: The Power Behind The Throne, Author: Jean Curtis
Title: The Dragons of Little Markhampton: Original Version, Author: Jean Curtis
Title: Berwick's Battle Against Drink 1830-1900, Author: Wendy Bell Scott
Title: Anne of the Borders: The Story of Anne Hepple, Author, 1877-1959 - by Mary Rawnsley & Wendy Bell Scott, Author: Mary Rawnsley
Title: Sorting Ted, Author: Wendy Bell Scott
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Title: Belladonna Blackthorn: The Want-to-be-Witch by Anne Hogben & Chris Caput, Author: Anne Hogben
Title: The Lamps Went Out: Sir Edward Grey and the 'War to End All Wars', Author: Mike Fraser
Title: Mid-Life Moments, Author: Wendy Bell Scott
Title: The Party, Author: Wendy Bell Scott