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Title: A Patch Of Blue, Author: Brian Mullally
Title: Edgy People: Stories, Author: Barb Nobel
Title: Beyond Faith, Author: Sharon A. Crawford
Title: In the Shadow of the Conquistador, Author: Shane Joseph
Title: We All Become Stories, Author: Ann Elizabeth Carson
Title: The Alphabet Stones, Author: Ursula Pflug
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Title: Hill Spirits III: An Anthology by Writers of Northumberland County, Author: Felicity Sidnell Reid
Title: Beyond Blood, Author: Sharon A. Crawford
Title: Dead Wrong, Author: Klaus Jakelski
Title: NOURISH, Author: Cait Lynch
Title: Milltown, Author: Shane Joseph
Title: Beyond the Tripping Point, Author: Sharon A. Crawford
Title: Hill Spirits II, Author: Felicity Sidnell Reid
Title: Native Born Son: The Journals of J. David Ford, Author: John David Ford
Title: Hunting Muskie: Rites of Passage, Author: Michael Robert Dyet
Title: Crossing Limbo: Deep Moments, Shallow Lives, Author: Shane Joseph
Title: Hill Spirits, Author: Gwynn Scheltema
Title: Black Irises, Author: John Delacourt
Title: The Ulysses Man, Author: Shane Joseph
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Title: Poor Man's Galapagos, Author: Christopher Canniff

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