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Title: Debt, Author: David Armand
Title: Straight Ahead, Author: Red Shuttleworth
Title: Loud Love on the Sevens and Elevens, Author: Frank Reardon
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Title: A Fire in the Hill, Author: Steven Huff
Title: Gertrude Stein's Salon and Other Legends, Author: Laurie Byro
Title: The Gathering Light at San Cataldo, Author: Jeffrey C Alfier
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Title: The Tenderest Petal Hears, Author: Charlotte Renk
Title: The Hog Killing, Author: Gary Copeland Lilley
Title: San Pedro River Review Vol.8 No.1 Spring 2016, Author: J Alfier
Title: Homeward, Author: Red Shuttleworth
Title: Burning Number Five, Author: Cindy Huyser
Title: Fossil Fuel, Author: David Thomas
Title: The Circus, Author: Larry D Thomas
Title: Woe to the Land Shadowing, Author: Red Shuttleworth
Title: Words, World, Author: Daniel Corrie
Title: Revenant, Author: Jack B. Bedell
Title: The Gosling: Marias River Float Memorial Day Weekend 1993, Author: David E. Thomas
Title: What You and the Devil Do to Stay Warm, Author: Tyree Daye
Title: Lapses & Absences, Author: Tobi Cogswell
Title: Night Holds Its Own, Author: Ciara Shuttleworth

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