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Title: Ace Your Teacher Interview, Author: Anthony Fredericks
Title: All About Stephen Hawking, Author: Chris Edwards
Title: Blue Water Women: Making the Leap from Landlubber to a Life at Sea, Author: Georgina de Vere
Title: All About Madam C. J. Walker, Author: A'Lelia Bundles
Title: Ace Your Teacher Resume (and Cover Letter), Author: Anthony D. Fredericks
Title: All About Amelia Earhart, Author: Lew Freedman
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Title: Storing Food Without Refrigeration, Author: Carolyn Shearlock
Title: The Adjunct Professor's Complete Guide to Teaching College: How to be an Effective and Successful Instructor, Author: Anthony Fredericks Ed.D.
Title: I Love the Work, But I Hate the Business, Author: Mel Proctor
Title: St. Patrick's Battalion: A Novel of the Mexican-American War, Author: James Alexander Thom
Title: All About Julia Morgan, Author: Phyllis Perry
Title: The Science of Meditation, Yoga, and Prayer, Author: Amitava Dasgupta
Title: Steelers Takeaways: Players Memories Through the Decades, Author: Ron Lippock
Title: Colorado Crosswords, Author: Dale Ratermann
Title: Route 66: Travel Guide, Trivia and Puzzles, Author: Dale Ratermann
Title: A Team Makes a Miracle: Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles' Journey to the Super Bowl, Author: Turron Davenport
Title: All About Martin Luther King, Jr., Author: Todd Outcalt
Title: Extra Innings: My Life in Baseball, Author: Max Schumacher
Title: So You Think You Know Indiana University Basketball?, Author: Terry Hutchens
Title: Fire in the Water, Author: James Alexander Thom

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