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Title: Magenta's Visit (Blue's Clues Series #1), Author: Alice Wilder
Title: What to Do, Blue? (Blue's Clues Series #2), Author: Angela C. Santomero
Title: Blue's Best Rainy Day (Blue's Clues Series #3), Author: Deborah Reber
Title: My Dress-up Party (Blue's Clues), Author: Nickelodeon Publishing
Title: Hooray for Polka Dots! (Blue's Clues Series #10), Author: Alison Inches
Title: Magenta Gets Glasses!, Author: Deborah Reber
Title: Joe Moves In, Author: Adam Scott
Title: Blue's Checkup, Author: Sarah/susan Albee/ hood
Title: Blue's Clues Chanukah (Blue's Clues Series), Author: Jessica Lissy
Title: Visit from the Tooth Fairy (Blues Clues Series), Author: Sarah Albee
Title: Blue's Clues Holiday, Author: Angela C. Santomero
Title: Blue's Big Parade! (Blue's Clues Series #17), Author: Justin Spelvin
Title: One for Me, One for You: A Book about Sharing (Blue's Clues Series #20), Author: Sarah Albee
Title: Blue's Bad Dream, Author: Sarah Albee
Title: Healthy Snacks with Blue!, Author: J-P Chanda
Title: I'm Sorry! (Blue's Clues Series), Author: Justin Chanda
Title: Green Puppy Goes to the Dentist, Author: JC Schwanda
Title: Sprinkles' First Haircut (Blue's Clues Series), Author: JC Schwanda
Title: Watch Me Grow!: Blue Plants a Seed (Blue's Clues Series), Author: Lauryn Silverhardt

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