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Title: The Threlfalls, Author: Barbara Phipps
Title: Imperator, Author: David Bowman
Title: Alexandra the Great, Author: Paulette Rae
Title: Carthaginian Empire Volume I, Author: David Bowman
Title: Isaac's Gun, Author: Dan Strawn
Title: A Diamond in the Dust, Author: Paulette Rae
Title: Seven Sisters, Author: David Bowman
Title: Riding the Hurricane, Author: Paulette Rae
Title: The Silver Lining, Author: Paulette Rae
Title: Soap House Yard, Author: Barbara Phipps
Title: Black Wolf's Return, Author: Dan Strawn
Title: The Dead Possum Gang, Author: Dan Strawn
Title: Lame Bird's Legacy, Author: Dan Strawn
Title: Two Brothers, Author: David Bowman
Title: A Soldier's Embrace, Author: Julie Romero
Title: Beside the Brook, Author: Paulette Rae
Title: Dancing Upstairs, Author: Barbara Phipps
Title: Undercover Wiseguy, Author: M.M. Cox
Title: Covert Criminal, Author: M.M. Cox
Title: Turn The Stones, Author: Barbara Phipps

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