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Title: Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace 2005 Cumulative Supplement, Author: G. Peter Albert
Title: Internet Law : A Field Guide, Author: Jonathan D. Hart
Title: Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Laws June 2007, Author: Jeffrey M. Samuels
Title: Arbitration 2008 : U. S. and Canadian Arbitration : Same Problems, Different Approaches : Prodeedings of the Sixty-First Annual Meeting National Academy of Arbitrators, Author: Patrick Halter
Title: Erisa Regulations : 2014, Author: Eric H. Rubin
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Title: Patent Prosecution : Law, Practice, and Procedure, Author: Irah H. Donner
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Title: Patents and Standards : Practice, Policy, and Enforcement, Author: Michael L. Drapkin
Title: Employee Benefits Law, Author: Jeffrey Lewis
Title: Patent Litigation Strategies Handbook 2006, Author: Barry L. Grossman
Title: Directory of U.S. Labor Organizations, 2007 Edition, Author: Court Gifford
Title: How Arbitration Works 2008, Author: Alan Miles Ruben
Title: Employee Benefits Law 2009, Author: Dana Muri
Title: Products Comparison Manual For Trademark Users, Author: Francis M. Pinckney
Title: Patent, Trademark and Copyright Laws : 2014 Edition, Author: Jeffrey M. Samuels
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Title: Federal Appellate Practice : Mayer Brown Llp, Author: Philip A. Lacovara
Title: Elkouri & Elkouri : How Arbitration Works, Author: Kenneth May
Title: How to Take a Case Before the NLRB, Author: Brent Garren
Title: Erisa : The Law and the Code, Annotated, 2018-2019: Including Excerpts From the Public Health Service Act, Author: Sharon F. Fountain
Title: Health Care Fraud and Abuse : Practical Perspectives, Author: Linda A. Baumann
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Title: The Fair Labor Standards Act, Author: Ellen C. Kearns

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