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Title: Memoirs and Letters of Dolly Madison, Author: Dolley Madison
Title: Shifting Religious Sacredness to Forced Prostitution. The Deconstruction of Hijras from Without and Within, Author: Antonia Helesic
Title: Napoleonism Unveiled, Author: Richard C. Shimeall
Title: A treatise on portrait painting from life.: Also, instructions for painting upon photographs supplemented with a discourse on art. Third Edition, Author: F. Haynes
Title: Rifles and Riflemen at the Battle of Kings Mountain: History No. 12, Author: States United
Title: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary: Being a practical handbook with transliteration, accentuation, and etymological analysis throughout, Author: Arthur A. Macdonell
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Title: Footprints of the pioneers in the Ohio Valley: :A centennial sketch, Author: William Henry Venable
Title: BABADADA, Ikinyarwanda - American English, inkoranyamagambo mu mashusho - pictorial dictionary: Kinyarwanda - US English, visual dictionary, Author: Babadada GmbH
Title: Greenhouse management: A manual for florists and flower lovers on the forcing of flowers, vegetables and fruits in greenhouses, and the propagation and care of house plants, Author: Levi Rawson Taft
Title: Letters From the Prisons and Prison-Ships of the Revolution: With Notes, Author: Henry Reed Stiles
Title: Racial discrimination in the fashion industry, Author: Eva Wilhelm
Title: The Baptist Directory: A Guide to the Doctrines and Practices of Baptist Churches, Author: Edward T. Hiscox
Title: An English Version: (The Original Crowned by the French Academy) of Frédéric Mistral's Mirèio from the Original Provençal, Author: Frédéric Mistral
Title: Brightside, Author: Elizabeth Bedell Benjamin
Title: The Queen City in 1869: The City of Cincinnati, Author: George E. Stevens
Title: L'heure de nous-mêmes a sonné: Messages à la base congolaise (et africaine), Author: Mufoncol Tshiyoyo
Title: The history of freemasonry: Its antiquities, symbols, constitutions, customs, Author: Robert Freke Gould
Title: Qualitative versus quantitative Analysemethoden. Eine Gegenüberstellung, Author: Thomas Berners
Title: Thoughts on hunting: :In a series of familiar letters to a friend, Author: Peter Beckford
Title: Practical Vegetarian Cookery, Author: Constance Wachtmeister

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