Title: Un été à Massouleh, Author: Roxanne M.
Title: Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics, Author: Woodrow Wilson
Title: Through Russia on a Mustang, Author: Thomas Stevens
Title: Handbook of Rhetorical Analysis: Studies in Style and Invention, Author: John Franklin Genung
Title: The Powers and Duties of Notaries Public: and justices of the peace in Massachusetts, Author: William M. Seavey
Title: Proceedings of a board of general officers respecting Major John André, Author: André John
Title: Kennesaw's Bombardment: How the sharpshooters woke up the batteries, Author: Joseph M. Brown
Title: The Power of an Endless Life, Author: Cuming Hall
Title: Tunneling Under the Hudson River: being a description of the obstacles encountered, the experience gained and the plans finally adopted for rapid and economical prosecution of the work, Author: S. De Vere Burr
Title: Integral Calculus for Beginners: With an Introduction to the Study of Differential Equations, Author: Joseph Edwards
Title: Wisconsin County Asylums for the Chronic Insane: a paper read at the National Conference of Charities and Corrections, Author: James E. Heg
Title: The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands: Containing the Figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects and Plants, Author: Mark Catesby
Title: BABADADA black-and-white, Bulgarian (in cyrillic script) - Français, visual dictionary (in cyrillic script) - dictionnaire visuel: Bulgarian (in cyrillic script) - French, visual dictionary, Author: Babadada GmbH
Title: BABADADA black-and-white, Bulgarian (in cyrillic script) - Français avec des articles, visual dictionary (in cyrillic script) - le dictionnaire visuel: Bulgarian (in cyrillic script) - French with articles, visual dictionary, Author: Babadada GmbH
Title: Across the Sub-Arctic of Canada: A journey of 3,200 miles by canoe and snowshoe through the barren lands, Author: James Williams Tyrrell
Title: Diary of David Zeisberger: A Moravian Missionary Among the Indians of Ohio: Volume I, Author: David Zeisberger
Title: Force and matter, Author: Ludwig Büchner
Title: An authentic and comprehensive history of Buffalo, with some account of its early inhabitants both savage and civilized, comprising historic notices of the Six Nations or Iroquois Indians, including a sketch of the Life of Sir William Johnson, Author: William Ketchum
Title: Fiche de lecture Vendredi ou la Vie sauvage de Michel Tournier (analyse littéraire de référence et résumé complet), Author: Michel Tournier
Title: Modeling, Programming and Simulations Using LabVIEW Software, Author: Riccardo de Asmundis

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