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Title: Only this Summer, Author: Radclyffe
Title: The Forever Factor, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: Catch, Author: Kris Bryant
Title: The Last Lavender Sister, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: Camp Lost and Found, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Cherry on Top, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Serendipity, Author: Kris Bryant
Title: A Good Chance, Author: Ali Vali
Title: Last New Beginning, Author: Krystina Rivers
Title: Hero Complex, Author: Jesse J. Thoma
Title: The Hues of Me and You, Author: Morgan Lee Miller
Title: Perfect Rivalry, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Love and Lattes, Author: Karis Walsh
Title: Hard Pressed, Author: Aurora Rey
Title: The Night Off, Author: Meghan O'Brien
Title: Slow Burn, Author: Missouri Vaun
Title: Marry Me, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: A Haven for the Wanderer, Author: Jenny Frame
Title: The Sex Therapist Next Door, Author: Meghan O'Brien
Title: Royal Exposé, Author: Jenny Frame
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