Title: Treacherous Seas, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Scent, Author: Kris Bryant
Title: One More Chance, Author: Ali Vali
Title: Hopeless Romantic, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Two to Tangle, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: The Last First Kiss, Author: Julie Cannon
Title: Enchanted Hunt, Author: L. L. Raand
Title: Sylver and Gold, Author: Michelle Larkin
Title: Entangled, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: 16 Steps to Forever, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Love on the Night Shift, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Home, Author: Kris Bryant
Title: Bet Against Me, Author: Fiona Riley
Title: Liberty Bay, Author: Karis Walsh
Title: Hopes and Dreams, Author: PJ Trebelhorn
Title: Casting Lacey, Author: Elle Spencer
Title: Passion's Sweet Surrender, Author: Ronica Black
Title: Veterinary Technician, Author: Nancy Wheelton
Title: Best Practice, Author: Carsen Taite
Title: A Love that Leads to Home, Author: Ronica Black

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