Title: Primal Spillane: Early Stories 1941 - 1942, Author: Mickey Spillane
Title: The Bookseller's Secret, Author: Jeff Boyle
Title: Black Eye, Author: Tony Masero
Title: Murder On the Way, Author: Theodore Roscoe
Title: Jack Hagee: Something For Nothing, Author: C.J. Henderson
Title: Artifacts of the Dead, Author: Tony Black
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Title: Uncle Sam Makes a Poor Baby Daddy, Author: Jane C. Talley
Title: WYXIE Wonderland: An Unauthorized 50-Year Diary of WXYZ Detroit, Author: Dick Osgood
Title: Love Story Writer, Author: Daisy Bacon
Title: Alias the Kansas Kid, Author: John R. Rose
Title: The Taxol Thief, Author: Ceylon Barclay
Title: Drones of the Ravaging Wind, Author: Stuart Hopen
Title: Messiah: A History of One of the World's Most Enduring Ideas, Author: William P. Lazarus
Title: Young Kit Carson, Author: H. Bedford-Jones
Title: The World Without Pain and Death, Author: Stuart Hopen
Title: Signed in Blood: Deals With the Devil Gone Bad, Author: R. Allen Leider
Title: Steam and Steel, Author: E.S. Dellinger
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Title: Kanaka Blues, Author: Mike Farris
Title: Bluestone, Author: Bryan Blake
Title: Bianca Jones: Blood Is the Life, Author: John L. French

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