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Title: Attack at Cyberworld, Author: Gabrielle Xie
Title: Little Bunny Gets an Award, Author: Terry Markoff
Title: Kudzu for Christmas, Author: Emilie Eklin Khair
Title: Saxony Grace, Author: Tonia Roberts
Title: Back to the Beach (The Adventures of Nicole and Mallory), Author: Lem Collins
Title: The Dazzling Dollar Dude: Making $ense of Your Cents, Author: Mary Becker
Title: Dylan's Big Surprise at the Doctor: Not-so-scary Shots, Author: Kishma Anthony
Title: Corbilina and the Lighthouse Mystery, Author: Dorothy M. Pritchett
Title: Corbilina and the Purple Lady, Author: Dorothy Pritchett
Title: N-Mac Joins the Team, Author: Charlene McGlockling
Title: Super Tool Lula: The Kind Warrior, Author: Michele Yulo
Title: Bellana Visits Paris!, Author: Jonathan Marigliano
Title: Zombie Steve, Baseball Player, Author: Kurt Bloom
Title: Summers at Howard Creek, Author: Gloria Ludlam Bennett
Title: Every Ornament Has Its Place, Author: Vincent Verrico
Title: Possum Posse: A Children's Book, Author: Sherrill Naug Morris
Title: Goose Feathers, Author: Robert Koermer
Title: Bellana Visits Rome!, Author: Jonathan Marigliano
Title: Karyn Moves to a New Home with Her Pretty Pink Furniture, Author: Evelyn Blasi
Title: Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A, Author: Terry Markoff

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