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Title: Cinderella Treasure Trove, Author: Stacy Juba
Title: Christmas Mystery Anthology, Author: JD Corbett
Title: Amy's Christmas Casserole (Sweet Christmas Romances 2017), Author: Tammy Tate
Title: Journey in Time (Knights in TIme, #2), Author: Chris Karlsen
Title: The Toy Maker's Secret (Christmas Mystery Anthology), Author: Laura Strickland
Title: Heroes Live Forever (Knights in TIme, #1), Author: Chris Karlsen
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Title: Knight Blindness (Knights in TIme, #3), Author: Chris Karlsen
Title: Chrissy's Christmas Sugar Cookies (Sweet Christmas Romances 2017), Author: Angela Ford
Title: Valentine in Venice, Author: Kaya Quinsey
Title: Worth a Thousand Words (Christmas Mystery Anthology), Author: JD Corbett
Title: Margie's Magic Christmas Bars (Sweet Christmas Romances 2017), Author: Laura Strickland
Title: In Time for You (Knights in TIme, #4), Author: Chris Karlsen
Title: Losing Time (Knights in TIme, #5), Author: Chris Karlsen
Title: Christmas Country Wishes (The Christmas Love List, #4), Author: Angela Ford
Title: Race Through Space, Author: David Hawk
Title: Analeigh's Christmas Cupcakes (Sweet Christmas Romances 2017), Author: Jennifer Conner
Title: Christmas for the Lost (Christmas Mystery Anthology), Author: Mariah L. Radtke
Title: Christmas Back Home (Coming Home for Christmas), Author: Angela Ford
Title: Knights in Time Boxed Set, Author: Chris Karlsen
Title: Forever Winter, Author: Amber Daulton

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