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Title: Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded, Author: M.D.John M. Kirsch
Title: NORIKO: Portrait of an Angel, Author: Werner Laven
Title: Poems About Lawrence, Author: Edward Austin Robertson
Title: Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention: Fourth Edition, Author: John Kirsch
Title: The Butternut Tree: A Coming-Of-Age Novel, Set in the 1940s and 1950s, Based upon a True Story of an Unspeakable Crime, Author: Maureen Ann Richards Kostalnick
Title: The In-Between Years: A Former Nun's Story of Life in a Convent, Author: Mary Zenchoff
Title: The Case Of The Minstrel Minister, Author: Alexandra Schiller
Title: The Old Men's Club: (The Truth Finally Revealed), Author: Byron L. Rhodes
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Title: Prime-Time Crime Time, Author: Jay Dubya
Title: Johnson Did It: LBJ's Role in the JFK Assassination, Author: Alex P. Serritella
Title: Sax Club: Detroit Thorn Birds Defy Mafia - Mafia Works #1, Author: Les Cochran
Title: Undertakings of an Undertaker: True Stories of Being Laid to Rest, Author: Stanley Swan
Title: F. W. Murnau, Author: Les Hammer
Title: Debits And Credits Made Easy, Author: John Sebastian Strange
Title: Stay Up Higher, Author: Altha Thompson Burts
Title: Malicious: In Her Heart, Cheaters Must Die, Author: James Paul Ellison
Title: The Raisin Bread Kid, Author: David Sidebottom
Title: Tears for My City: An Autobiography of a Detroit White Boy, Author: Dean Dimitrieski
Title: Looking and Seeing: Learning to Observe, Author: Carol Joyce Rosen Chihara
Title: Shuffleboard, Why Not?, Author: John Mataya

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