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Title: Christmas Break: Seattle Lumberjacks - Rookies, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Roughing the Passer, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Fourth and Goal: A Seattle Lumberjacks Romance, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Backfield in Motion, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Forward Passes, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Time of Possession, Author: Jami Davenport
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Title: Down by Contact: A Seattle Lumberjacks Romance, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: It's You, Book Two, Author: Katy Regnery
Title: It's You, Book One, Author: Katy Regnery
Title: Travis, Author: M Tasia
Title: Vincent, Author: M Tasia
Title: Grady, Author: M Tasia
Title: Sam's Soldiers, Author: M Tasia
Title: Tigress, Author: Lilli Carlisle
Title: Coop, Author: M Tasia
Title: Rick's Bear, Author: M Tasia
Title: Omega's Choice, Author: Lilli Carlisle
Title: Gabe, Author: M Tasia
Title: The Devil's Share Box Set, Author: L.P. Maxa
Title: The Christmas Wish, Author: Katy Regnery

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