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Title: Lies My Teacher Told Me, Author: James Loewen
Title: A Child Called
Title: When God Whispers Your Name, Author: Max Lucado
Title: Oil Painting Techniques - Brilliant Light, Author: Brian Keeler
Title: A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness, Author: Dave Pelzer
Title: The Traveller's Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success, Author: Andy Andrews
Title: Spies of Warsaw, Author: Alan Furst
Title: If You Survive, Author: George Wilson
Title: The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family, Author: Dave Pelzer
Title: Artwork of William Keeler, Author: Brian Keeler
Title: Of Time and Memory: A Mother's Story, Author: Don J. Snyder
Title: The Confessions of Max Tivoli, Author: Andrew Sean Greer
Title: When Children Grieve: For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and Other Losses, Author: John W. James
Title: My Grandfather's House: A Genealogy of Doubt and Faith, Author: Brian Keeler
Title: Soul Mountain, Author: Gao Xingjian
Title: Pure Dead Wicked, Author: Debi Gliori
Title: Dramatic Color in the Landscape: Painting Land and Light in Oil and Pastel, Author: Brian Keeler
Title: Sunwing (Silverwing Series #2), Author: Kenneth Oppel
Title: West of Rehoboth, Author: Alexs D. Pate
Title: Stepsister from the Planet Weird, Author: Francess L. Lantz

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