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Title: No BS (Bad Stats): Black People Need People Who Believe in Black People Enough Not to Believe Every Bad Thing They Hear about Black People, Author: Ivory A. Toldson
Title: Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare, Author: Kwame Nkrumah
Title: The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, Author: Ricardo Duchesne
Title: Water and Shadow: Kawase Hasui and Japanese Landscape Prints, Author: Kendall H. Brown
Title: A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese: Revised Edition / Edition 2, Author: Paul W. Kroll
Title: Expressive Arts Education and Therapy: Discoveries in a Dance Theatre Lab through Creative Process-based Research, Author: Markus Scott-Alexander
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Title: Why Look at Plants?: The Botanical Emergence in Contemporary Art, Author: Brill
Title: Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible: Second extensively revised edition / Edition 2, Author: Toorn
Title: A Companion to Second-Century Christian 'Heretics', Author: Antti Marjanen
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Title: New Light on the Old Colony: Plymouth, the Dutch Context of Toleration, and Patterns of Pilgrim Commemoration, Author: Jeremy Bangs
Title: Evolved Morality: The Biology and Philosophy of Human Conscience, Author: Frans de Waal
Title: Dead Sea Media: Orality, Textuality, and Memory in the Scrolls from the Judean Desert, Author: Shem Miller
Title: The Art of Symbolic Resistance: Uyghur Identities and Uyghur-Han Relations in Contemporary Xinjiang, Author: Joanne N. Smith Finley
Title: The Art of Cistercian Persuasion in the Middle Ages and Beyond: Caesarius of Heisterbach?s <i>Dialogue on Miracles</i> and its Reception, Author: Brill
Title: Zosimus: New History, Author: Brill
Title: Globalization and the Neoliberal Schoolhouse: Education in a World of Trouble, Author: John L. Lyons
Title: Beyond Territoriality: Transnational Legal Authority in an Age of Globalization, Author: Gunther Handl
Title: Aesthetic Strategies of The Floating World: <i>Mitate</i>, <i>Yatsushi</i>, and <i>F?ry?</i> in Early Modern Japanese Popular Culture, Author: Alfred Haft
Title: Zenons Politeia, Author: Robert Bees
Title: A Generic History of Travel Writing in Anglophone and Polish Literature, Author: Grzegorz Moroz Pre-Order Now

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