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Title: Solutrean Points of the Iberian Peninsula: Tool making and using behaviour of hunter-gatherers during the Last Glacial Maximum, Author: Isabell Schmidt
Title: The Akko Marina Archaeological Project, Author: Ehud Galili
Title: Le fortificazioni di Iasos di Caria: Rilievi e analisi architettoniche, Author: Michele Cornieti
Title: La produccion de instrumental litico en Tiwanaku, Author: Martin Giesso
Title: The Funerary Monuments of Rough Cilicia and Isauria, Author: Yasemin Er Scarborough
Title: Objects in Motion: The Circulation of Religion and Sacred Objects in the Late Antique and Byzantine World, Author: Hallie G Meredith
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Title: In Memoriam: Fr Michele Piccirillo, ofm (1944-2008) Celebrating his life and work, Author: Claudine Dauphin
Title: A Corpus of Roman Engraved Gemstones from British Sites, Author: Martin Henig
Title: Neolithic Pottery Sequence in Southern Greece, Author: William W Phelps
Title: Storie di paesaggi e uomini alle pendici del Mont Fallère nell'Olocene antico e medio (Saint-Pierre, Valle d'Aosta, Italia), Author: Luca V. M. Raiteri
Title: Ports and Political Power in the Periplus: Complex societies and maritime trade on the Indian Ocean in the first century AD, Author: Eivind Heldaas Seland
Title: Material Images of Humans from the Natufian to Pottery Neolithic Periods in the Levant, Author: Estelle Orrelle
Title: Health Among the Maya: An osteoarchaeological comparison of sites in the northern Three Rivers Region, Belize, Author: Hannah Plumer
Title: The Human Occupation of the Southern Central Pyrenees in the Sixth-Third Millennia cal BC: A traceological analysis of flaked stone assemblages, Author: Niccolò Mazzucco
Title: Le acque del passato: opere idrauliche dall'antichità al XX secolo: IV Congresso di Archeologia del Sottosuolo, Author: Sara Fumagalli
Title: A Taphonomic Approach to the Re-analysis of the Human Remains from the Neolithic Chamber Tomb of Quanterness, Orkney, Author: Rebecca Crozier
Title: Qasr Ibrim House 1037: Resurrecting an Excavation, Author: Graham Connah
Title: Analisi tecnologica e funzionale dell'industria in pietra non scheggiata del Neolitico medio dell'Italia settentrionale: Tre casi studio dell'area veneta, Author: Anna Lunardi
Title: Iron Age Fen-Edge Settlement at Black Horse Farm, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, Author: Andrew A. S. Newton
Title: Architettura militare di fine Ottocento: La difesa costiera e l'impiego delle batterie dello Stretto di Messina, Author: Armando Donato

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