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Title: Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity, Author: William Reichard
Title: Sunset Grand Couturier, Author: Myra Malkin
Title: Anecdotage: Everyday Epiphanies, Author: Jonathan Greene
Title: Time Signatures, Author: Estill Pollock
Title: Snare, Author: Robert Eastwood
Title: A Hand to Hold: Three Dramas in Verse, Author: Tony Howarth
Title: Aleph, broken: Poems from My Diaspora, Author: Judith Kerman
Title: The Last Train, Author: Mervyn Taylor
Title: Ten Thousand Steps Against the Tyrant, Author: Indran Amirthanayagam
Title: The Damage Done, Author: Susana H. Case
Title: After the Storm, Author: Thomas Zemsky
Title: Lighted Distances: Four Seasons on Goodlow Rim, Author: John Daniel Pre-Order Now
Title: Capricorn, Venus Descendant: 50 Poems of Pandemos, Karkinos, & Eros, Author: Michael Joyce
Title: The End of Horses, Author: Margot Taft Stever
Title: Running Out of Words for Afterwards, Author: David Hargreaves
Title: Bargaining with the Fall, Author: Alison Palmer Pre-Order Now
Title: What the Days Wanted, Author: Babo Kamel
Title: Going Through It, Author: Jonathan Greene Pre-Order Now
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Title: Elvis Night at Johnny's, Author: Mike Schneider
Title: Family Reunion, Author: Grace C. Ocasio

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