Title: Starstruck, Author: Elaine Lee
Title: The Shape Of Things, Author: Neil LaBute
Title: The Imaginary Invalid, Author: Moliere
Title: Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches, Author: Tony Kushner
Title: Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika, Author: Tony Kushner
Title: Police Boys, Author: Marion Isaac McClinton
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Title: Dog, Author: Brian David Walker
Title: Brainpeople, Author: Jose Rivera
Title: The Cherry Orchard, Author: Anton Chekhov
Title: Living Dead In Denmark, Author: Qui Nguyen
Title: The Shadow, Author: Evgeny Shvarts
Title: On The Verge, Author: Eric Overmyer
Title: Miss Julie, Author: August Strindberg
Title: A Bright Room Called Day, Author: Tony Kushner
Title: One Flea Spare, Author: Naomi Wallace
Title: Bondage, Author: Star Finch
Title: Roar, Author: Betty Shamieh
Title: No Place To Be Somebody, Author: Charles Gordone
Title: Mrs Packard, Author: Emily Mann
Title: Marley's Ghost, Author: Jeff Goode

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