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Title: Hook: a Memoir, Author: Randall Horton
Title: The Performance of Becoming Human, Author: Daniel Borzutzky
Title: Operating Systems, Author: Joe Pan
Title: Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Author: Jason Koo
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Title: Puerto Rico, Author: Alejandro Ventura
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Title: Loading, Author: Jonathan Allen
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Title: Naturalism, Author: Wendy Xu
Title: I'm Your Huckleberry, Author: Erika Jo Brown
Title: Hiccups, Author: Joe Pan
Title: Dear Mark, Author: Martin Rock
Title: Confidence, Author: Seth Landman
Title: Yankee Broadcast Network, Author: John F Buckley
Title: American Gramophone, Author: Carey McHugh
Title: Autobiomythography & Gallery, Author: Joe Pan
Title: Take This Stallion, Author: Anais Duplan
Title: Mantic, Author: Maureen Alsop
Title: Already It Is Dusk, Author: Joe Fletcher
Title: Poets' Guide to America, Author: John Buckley
Title: Or Replica, Author: Paige Taggart
Title: The Hatch, Author: Joe Fletcher

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