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Title: Brookyln Poets Anthology, Author: Jason Koo
Title: Take This Stallion, Author: Anais Duplan
Title: Or Replica, Author: Paige Taggart
Title: The Story of How All Animals Are Equal & Other Tales, Author: Matt Runkle
Title: Dear Everyone, Author: Matt Shears
Title: Family Cannon, Author: Halina Duraj
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Title: Attached Houses, Author: Michelle Gil-Montero
Title: Broken Cage, Author: Joseph P Wood
Title: The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom, Author: Noah Eli Gordon
Title: I'm Your Huckleberry, Author: Erika Jo Brown
Title: Mantic, Author: Maureen Alsop
Title: Confidence, Author: Seth Landman
Title: Unpublished Poems, Author: Broc Rossell
Title: Love-In-Idleness, Author: Christopher Hennessy
Title: Say Something Nice About Me, Author: Sara Schaff
Title: Naturalism, Author: Wendy Xu
Title: Telephone, Author: Jen Besemer
Title: Emergency Anthems, Author: Alex Green
Title: Dear Mark, Author: Martin Rock
Title: Dream-Clung, Gone, Author: Lauren Russell

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