Title: The Summer of Grace, Author: Karen Jones
Title: Hayley and the Hot Flashes, Author: Jayne Jaudon Ferrer
Title: Fire is the Test of Gold, Author: Elizabeth Randall
Title: Pilgrim Interrupted, Author: Susan Cushman
Title: Gray, Author: David Kettlehake
Title: The Kimono Tattoo, Author: Rebecca Copeland
Title: I Dream of Dragons, Author: Melissa Coleman Carrigee
Title: My Skull Possession, Author: Lisa M. Miller
Title: The Magic Swamp, Author: J.T. Alexandry
Title: Black, Author: David Kettlehake
Title: Kite in the Wind, Author: Elaine McDermott
Title: Out of the Darkness, Light, Author: Elaine McDermott
Title: Grounded in January, Author: Savannah Hendricks
Title: I Dream of Unicorns, Author: Melissa Carrigee
Title: I Just Want to Read!, Author: Andrea Vilemont Moreau
Title: The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20 Years!, Author: Kathy L. Murphy
Title: Dance Like You Mean It, Author: Jeanne Skartsiaris
Title: Nine Lives, Author: Carly Huss
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Title: I Mustache You to Read with Me, Author: Andrea Vilemont Moreau
Title: Louie the Llama, Author: Melissa Carrigee

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