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Title: Speaking from Spirit: Inspiring Stories and Messages from Those Who Have Passed on, Author: Rosemarie Rubinetti Cappiello
Title: Losing It: The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin, Author: Danielle Sepulveres
Title: Secret Cinema: Carnal Confessions, Author: C. E. Grenci
Title: Tributes to Sadness and Happiness, Author: Gary L. Hollen
Title: The Blackthorn Conspiracy, Author: T.T. Brothers
Title: Stinkin' Thinkin' Stinks: A Kid's Guide to the Lighter Side of Life, Author: Bill King
Title: The Palace of Dreams, Author: Bruce Adams
Title: Tripping the Light Fantastic, Author: D. Michael Smith
Title: JoJo and the Tule Tree, Author: Katherine Garcia
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Title: Brutal Allure, Author: Melissa Carl
Title: Before Pharmaceuticals: Emotional Healing with Chinese Medicine, Author: Lac Lcsw Will Fudeman
Title: Queen of Domination: My Secret Life, Author: Charlayne Grenci
Title: Short Order: An Anthology of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry by The Central New York Creative Writers Group, Author: The CNY Creative Writers Group
Title: A Cop Story, Author: Patrick J. Ouellette
Title: Marcel Proust Exposed, Author: Charlayne Grenci
Title: The Fifth Device, Author: Gunther Boccius
Title: Be Your Shitty Self: An Honest Approach to a More Peaceful Life, Author: Mark Van Buren
Title: 2025: Five Days in Paradise, Author: Kenneth V. Vickery
Title: Mr. Peppercorn's Postcards, Author: Marissa DiPetrillo
Title: Out of the Box, Author: Greg McGoon

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