Title: Christmastime 1939: Prequel to the Christmastime Series, Author: Linda Mahkovec
Title: Lord Blackwood's Valentine Ball, Author: Arabella Sheraton
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Title: The Milk Wagon, Author: Michael Hewes
Title: Suit to Saddle: Cycling to Self-Discovery on the Southern Tier, Author: Larry Walsh
Title: Emotions of a Super Sibling, Author: Tamara Cullere
Title: Christmastime 1940: A Love Story, Author: Linda Mahkovec
Title: Feeling Left Behind: Permission to Grieve, Author: Kim Murdock
Title: Christmastime 1941: A Love Story, Author: Linda Mahkovec
Title: The Cornell Effect: A Family's Journey towards Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace, Author: DDS John C. Cranham
Title: Haint Blue: A Tipsy Collins Novel, Author: Stephanie Alexander
Title: Dalton and Grace: Whimsical Short Stories of Life in Charleston, Author: Bill Stevens
Title: The Chameleon: A Jake Palmer Novel, Author: Ron McManus
Title: Feeling Left Behind, Author: Kim Murdock
Title: The Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal: Primer from the Pew-Unpacking Psychological, Sociopolitical & Cultural, Author: Jerry J. Paresa
Title: Waterlogged, Author: Carol Ann Ross
1 in Series
Title: Christmastime 1942: A Love Story, Author: Linda Mahkovec
Title: Christmastime 1944: A Love Story, Author: Linda Mahkovec
Title: The Wake-Up Call, Author: Joy Don Baker
Title: Broken Shield, Author: Ray A. Morrow
Title: Counteract, Author: Tracy Lawson
1 in Series

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