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Title: Halloween Carnival Volume 4, Author: Kealan Patrick Burke
Title: Heroes of Horror (Dugeons and Dragons Series), Author: Ari Marmell
Title: Mythic Vistas: Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra, Author: C.A. Suleiman
Title: City of Stormreach, Author: Keith Baker
Title: Vampire State of Grace, Author: White Wolf
Title: Scarred Lands: Serpent and the Scepter, Author: Sword and Sorcery Studio
Title: Vampire: the Requiem, Author: White Wolf Publishing Staff
Title: Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand; (Vampire The Masquerade), Author: Sarah Roark
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Title: Faiths of Eberron, Author: Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Title: Dark Ages Road of Heaven, Author: C. A. Suleiman
Title: Cityscape, Author: C.A. Suleiman
Title: Dragonmarked, Author: Michelle Lyons
Title: City of the Damned: New Orleans, Author: White Wolf