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Title: Everything the Darkness Eats, Author: Eric LaRocca Pre-Order Now
Title: Anybody Home?, Author: Michael J. Seidlinger
Title: Sad Sexy Catholic, Author: Lauren Milici
Title: What Are You, Author: Lindsay Lerman
Title: Pest, Author: Michael Cisco
Title: Earth Angel, Author: Madeline Cash Pre-Order Now
Title: The Pussy Detective, Author: DuVay Knox
Title: The Sorrow Festival, Author: Erin Slaughter
Title: Beleth Station, Author: Samantha Kolesnik Pre-Order Now
Title: Almanac of Useless Talents, Author: Michael Chang
Title: Gag Reflex, Author: Elle Nash
Title: The Pain Eater, Author: Kyle Muntz
Title: Darryl, Author: Jackie Ess
Title: If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse, Author: Wrath James White
Title: Girl Like a Bomb, Author: Autumn Christian
Title: The Smallest of Bones, Author: Holly Lyn Walrath
Title: The Last Night to Kill Nazis, Author: David Agranoff Pre-Order Now
Title: The New Yorker Hates My Cartoons, Author: Kyle Owens
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Title: The Bee & The Fly: The Improbable Correspondence of Louisa May Alcott & Emily Dickinson, Author: Lorraine Tosiello
Title: The Doctor's Demons, Author: Maria Abrams

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