Title: Body on Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Series #2), Author: Vicki Delany
Title: A Study in Murder (Victorian Book Club Mystery #1), Author: Callie Hutton
Title: Crimes and Covers: A Magical Bookshop Mystery, Author: Amanda Flower
Title: A Three Book Problem: A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery, Author: Vicki Delany
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Title: What We Carry: A Novel, Author: Kalyn Fogarty
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Title: Elementary, She Read (Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Series #1), Author: Vicki Delany
Title: One Little Secret: A Novel, Author: Cate Holahan
Title: For Whom the Book Tolls: An Antique Bookshop Mystery, Author: Laura Gail Black
Title: Plantation Shudders (Cajun Country Series #1), Author: Ellen Byron
Title: Death and a Pot of Chowder, Author: Cornelia Kidd
Title: Cake and Punishment, Author: Maymee Bell
1 in Series
Title: Striking Range (Timber Creek K-9 Mystery #7), Author: Margaret Mizushima
Title: Death in Paris, Author: Emilia Bernhard
1 in Series
Title: A Spell for Trouble: An Enchanted Bay Mystery, Author: Esme Addison
Title: Stalking Ground (Timber Creek K-9 Series #2), Author: Margaret Mizushima
Title: Shelved Under Murder (Blue Ridge Library Series #2), Author: Victoria Gilbert
Title: Deadly Ever After (Lighthouse Library Mystery #8), Author: Eva Gates
Title: Read and Gone (Haunted Library Mystery Series #2), Author: Allison Brook
Title: Little Bookshop of Murder: A Beach Reads Mystery, Author: Maggie Blackburn
Title: To Kill a Mocking Girl: A Bookbinding Mystery, Author: Harper Kincaid

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