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Title: All Together: The Family Devotional, Author: Steve Legg
Title: A More Christlike God, Author: Bradley Jersak
Title: Carried by Grace: Every Day with Jesus: One Year Devotional, Author: Selwyn Hughes
Title: Cover to Cover Bible Study: The Beatitudes: Immersed in the Grace of Christ, Author: John Houghton
Title: 40 Old Testament Bible Stories, Author: Andy Robb
Title: A Year With Selwyn Hughes, Author: Selwyn Hughes
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Title: Honesty Over Silence: It's OK Not To Be OK, Author: Patrick Regan
Title: Ezekiel: Dry Bones Can Live, Author: Claire Musters
Title: Highway Code to Retirement, Author: David Winter
Title: Mettle Guide to Starting University, Author: Simeon Whiting
Title: Topz Ten Things Every Boy Needs to Know, Author: Alexa Tewkesbury
Title: The Manual - Fighters/Keepers/Losers/Reapers, Author: Carl Beech
Title: Your Personal Encourager: Biblical help for dealing with difficult times, Author: Selwyn Hughes
Title: The Manual: The Bible: Getting to grips with God's Word, Author: Nathan Blackaby
Title: Bible 60: The whole story, Author: Andy Peck
Title: Pens - Sorry God, Author: Alexa Tewkesbury
Title: The Manual: The Church: What it is and how you play a part, Author: Nathan Blackaby
Title: 10 Things Worth Knowing About the Old Testament, Author: Philip Greenslade
Title: Insight Into Self-Harm, Author: Helena Robson
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Title: The Dog Who Thought His Name Was No, Author: Judy Moore

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