Title: Preso, Author: David M. Robert
Title: The Caterpillar & The Spider, Author: Lux Luther
Title: The Galactic Island, Author: Parish V. Damone
Title: James does pay attention, Author: Miranda Felice
Title: My Blue Days Sound Like Blue Jays, Author: Amos Don
Title: Beautiful Reflections, Author: Pepi Mckenzie
Title: Break the Chain: Part 1: Hustle Game Too Hard, Author: Damian L. Johnson
Title: Polynomial: A Gift From the Future, Author: Marcus Haynes
Title: Silence in the Face of Injustice: A Vision of Mercy and Hope, Author: Gary W. Hardy
Title: Crying Blue Tears: Story of a Fallen Hoodstar, Author: Marlon Evans
Title: Money Measures Faces: A Yani Story Vol. 1, Author: Booney D
Title: Keeter & Sinquefield's Habeas Cite Book, Author: Jackie R Keeter
Title: Fallen Earth: The Newcomer, Author: Jordan Ledbetter
Title: Yard Life: Expose, Real Life Inside of Prison: Expose, Real Life Inside, Author: Sodo Austin
Title: Don't Tell A Soul: A Mark St. James Novel, Author: Nicolae Andrews
Title: NEPENTHE: A Taste of Inspiration, Author: James Nathaniel Evans
Title: Zek: The Convict, Author: Artem Vaskanyan
Title: Ruminating Years, Author: Artem Vaskanyan
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Title: The Joy Behind Sorrow, Author: Michael P. Mark
Title: Just Words: Who Will Teach Our Women??, Author: Leslie Williams

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