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Title: Gumboot Girls: Adventure, Love & Survival on the North Coast of British Columbia, Author: Lou Allison
Title: Music from a Strange Planet: Stories, Author: Barbara Black
Title: Pinkerton's and the Hunt for Simon Gunanoot: Double Murder, Secret Agents and an Elusive Outlaw, Author: Geoff Mynett LLB
Title: For Your Own Good, Author: Leah Horlick
Title: Becoming Wild: Living the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island, Author: Nikki van Schyndel
Title: Lan(d)guage: a sequence of poetics, Author: Ken Belford
Title: Inward to the Bones: Georgia O'Keeffe's Journey with Emily Carr, Author: Kate Braid
Title: Voice in the Wild: A Memoir, Author: Laurie Sarkadi
Title: The Light Through the Trees: Reflections on Land and Farming, Author: Luanne Armstrong
Title: And See What Happens: The Journey Poems, Author: Ursula Vaira
Title: Grizzly Bear Mountain, Author: Jack Boudreau
Title: On/Me, Author: Francine Cunningham
Title: The Suitcase and the Jar: Travels with a Daughter's Ashes, Author: Becky Livingston
Title: Atlin's Anguish: Bush Pilot Theresa Bond and the Crash of Taku Air Flight 2653, Author: Brendan Lillis
Title: Dancing in Gumboots: Adventure, Love & Resilience: Women of the Comox Valley, Author: Jane Wilde
Title: Drawn to Sea: Paintbrush to Chainsaw-Carving Out a Life on BC's Rugged Raincoast, Author: Yvonne Maximchuk
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Title: A Bright and Steady Flame: The Story of Aging and Enduring Friendship, Author: Luanne Armstrong
Title: Black Liquor: Poems, Author: Dennis E. Bolen
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Title: In Fine Form: A Contemporary Look at Form Poetry, Author: Sandy Shreve
Title: Passing Through Missing Pages: The Intriguing Story of Annie Garland Foster, Author: Frances Welwood

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