Title: Gold Spun, Author: Brandie June
Title: Daughter of the Salt King, Author: A. S. Thornton
Title: The Lady or the Lion, Author: Aamna Qureshi
Title: The Girl in the Corn, Author: Jason Offutt
Title: Beneath the Marigolds, Author: Emily Whitson
Title: Jove Brand Is Near Death, Author: J. A. Crawford
Title: The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon, Author: Marcy McCreary
Title: The Brass Queen, Author: Elizabeth Chatsworth
Title: Shadows over London, Author: Christian Klaver
Title: The Ghosts of Thorwald Place, Author: Helen Power
Title: A Talent to Deceive: The Search for the Real Killer of the Lindbergh Baby, Author: William Norris
Title: A Measure of Serenity, Author: Bryan Prosek
Title: Dead Air: A Novel of Suspense, Author: Michael Bradley
Title: So You Had To Build A Time Machine, Author: Jason Offutt
Title: The Taxidermist's Lover, Author: Polly Hall
Title: The Immortal Twin: A Paranormal Romance, Author: D. B. Woodling
Title: Snowbird: The Rise and Fall of a Drug Smuggler, Author: William Norris
Title: Revisionist Future, Author: Lee Bumbicka
Title: The Saint's Mistress, Author: Kathryn Bashaar
Title: The Other Side of Water, Author: Erika Espinoza

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