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Title: Southern Gaul and the Mediterranean: Multilingualism and Multiple Identities in the Iron Age and Roman Periods, Author: Alex Mullen
Title: Sources for Alexander the Great: An Analysis of Plutarch's 'Life' and Arrian's 'Anabasis Alexandrou', Author: N. G. L. Hammond
Title: Oscan in the Greek Alphabet, Author: Nicholas Zair
Title: Melissus and Eleatic Monism, Author: Benjamin Harriman
Title: The Frontier People of Roman Britain, Author: Peter Salway
Title: Statius and Epic Games: Sport, Politics and Poetics in the Thebaid, Author: Helen Lovatt
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Title: The Metamorphosis of Persephone: Ovid and the Self-conscious Muse, Author: Stephen Hinds
Title: Vitruvius and Later Roman Building Manuals, Author: Hugh Plommer
Title: The Rhetoric of Identity in Isocrates: Text, Power, Pedagogy, Author: Yun Lee Too
Title: Aristotle on Desire, Author: Giles Pearson
Title: Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt: Volume 1, Population Registers (P. Count), Author: Willy Clarysse
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Title: Powerplay in Tibullus: Reading Elegies, Author: Parshia Lee-Stecum
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Title: Aristotle on Mind and the Senses, Author: G. E. R. Lloyd
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Title: Oscan in Southern Italy and Sicily: Evaluating Language Contact in a Fragmentary Corpus, Author: Katherine McDonald
Title: Virgil's Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid, Author: Anne Rogerson
Title: Rumour and Renown: Representations of Fama in Western Literature, Author: Philip Hardie
Title: Performing Citizenship in Plato's Laws, Author: Lucia Prauscello
Title: Vision and Narrative in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon, Author: Helen Morales
Title: Absolute Constructions in Early Indo-European, Author: Antonia Ruppel
Title: Playing Hesiod: The 'Myth of the Races' in Classical Antiquity, Author: Helen Van Noorden

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