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Title: Tuatara: Biology and Conservation of a Venerable Survivor, Author: Alison Cree
Title: The Europa Lectures 2001-2006, Author: Martin Holland
Title: New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity: Volume Three: Kingdoms Bacteria, Protozoa, Chromista, Plantae, Fungi, Author: Dennis P. Gordon
Title: Ngaio Marsh's Hamlet: The 1943 production script, Author: Robert Hoskins Pre-Order Now
Title: Chatham Islands: Heritage and Conservation, Author: Colin Miskelly
Title: Lateral Inversions: The Prints of Barry Cleavin, Author: Melinda Johnston
Title: New China Eyewitness: Roger Duff, Rewi Alley and the art of museum diplomacy, Author: James Beattie
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Title: Paikea: The Life of I. L. G. Sutherland, Author: Oliver Sutherland
Title: Remaking the Tasman World, Author: Philippa Mein Smith
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Title: Sleepwalking in Antarctica: and Other Poems, Author: Owen Marshall
Title: New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity: Volume Two: Kingdom Animalia: Chaetognatha, Ecdysozoa, Ichnofossils, Author: Dennis P. Gordon
Title: The Seven Lives of Lady Barker: Author of Station Life in New Zealand, Author: Betty Gilderdale
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Title: Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes, Author: Annie Potts
Title: The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem, Author: John Puhiatau Pule
Title: Living with Natives: New Zealanders Talk About Their Love of Native Plants, Author: Michele Frey
Title: Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps, Author: Glen Coates
Title: Land Very Fertile: Banks Peninsula in Poety and Prose, Author: David Gregory
Title: Pay Dirt: 'The Westland Goldfields', from the Diary of William Smart, Author: Hilary Catherine Low
Title: Palmer: The Parliamentary Years, Author: Raymond Richards
Title: Tomorrow's Teachers: International and Critical Perspectives on Teacher Education, Author: Alan Scott

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