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Title: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Study Guide, Author: Steven C. Hawthorne
Title: Multiplying Churches In Japanese Soil, Author: John Mehn
Title: North American Mission Handbook: US and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas, 2017-2019, 22nd Edition, Author: Peggy Newell
Title: Screams in the Desert, Author: Susan E. Eenigenburg
Title: Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities to Reach Their Kingdom Goals, Author: BRIAN SCHRAG
Title: Disciple Making Among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow, Author: Timothy Shultz
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Title: Holding the Rope*: Short Term Missions, Author: Clint Archer
Title: Margins of Islam: Missiology in Diverse Muslim Contexts, Author: Gene Daniels
Title: Hinduism, Author: RICHARD H L
Title: Frontier Peoples of Central Nigeria and a Strategy for Outreach, Author: Gerald O. Swank
Title: Leading with Story: Cultivating Christ-Centered Leaders in a Storycentric Generation, Author: Richard W. Sessoms
Title: I Will Build My Church: Ten Case Studies of Church Growth in Taiwan, Author:
Title: Glory In Mongolia, Author: Leatherwood R
Title: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Study Guide, 1997, Author: Steven C. Hawthorne
Title: Preparing To Serve, Author: C. David Harley
Title: Once More Around Jericho, Author: Roberta H. Winter
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Title: Becoming Bilingual: A Guide to Language Learning, Author: Donald N. Larson
Title: Teaching English For Reconciliation: Pursuing Peace through Transformed Relationships in Language Learning and Teaching, Author: Jan Edwards-Dormer
Title: The Navajos Are Coming to Jesus, Author: Thomas Dolaghan
Title: The Multilingual God: Stories of Translation, Author: Steve Fortosis

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