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Title: Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow, Author: Timothy Shultz
Title: On Being a Missionary: (Revised Edition), Author: Thomas Hale
Title: Authentic Lives: Overcoming the Problem of Hidden Identity in Outreach to Restrictive Nations, Author: Thomas III Hale
Title: Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God: Church Planting Among Folk Muslims, Author: Rick Love
Title: Issues in Contextualization, Author: Charles H. Kraft
Title: Send Me!: Your Journey to the Nations / Edition 1, Author: Steve Hoke
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Title: Reaching the Resistant: Barriers and Bridges for Mission, Author: J. Dudley Woodberry
Title: Telling God's Stories with Power: Biblical Storytelling in Oral Cultures, Author: Paul F. Koehler
Title: Transforming Mission Theology, Author: Charles Van Engen
Title: Missions in Context of Violence, Author: Keith E. Eitel
Title: Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World, Author: Kelly O'Donnell
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Title: Christian Witness in Pluralistic Contexts in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Enoch Wan
Title: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (4th Ed): A Reader / Edition 4, Author: Ralph D. Winter
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Title: Global Member Care Volume 1: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice, Author: Kelly S. O'Donnell
Title: Ethnic Identity from the Margins: A Christian Perspective, Author: Dewi Hughes
Title: The Centrality of Christ in Contemporary Missions, Author: Mike Barnett
Title: Integral Ministry Training, Author: William Carey Library
Title: Ethnic Realities and the Church: Lessons from India, Author: Donald Anderson McGavran
Title: Is Hearing Enough? Literacy and the Great Commission, Author: Don Edwards
Title: Environmental Missions: Planting Churches and Trees, Author: Lowell Bliss

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