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Title: The Book of Jasher, Author: Jasher
Title: The Autopilot Garden: A Guide to Hands-off Gardening, Author: Luke Marion
Title: Your Study of the New Testament Made Easier: Part 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Author: David J. Ridges
Title: Your Study of the New Testament Made Easier, Part Two: Acts Through Revelation, Author: David J. Ridges
Title: Cookie Companion: A Decorator's Guide, Author: Georgeanne Bell
Title: Visions of Glory: 5-year Anniversary Edition, Author: John Pontius
This Season's Most Anticipated Books
Title: 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It's Too Late, Author: Shannon L. Alder
Title: Cake Confidence, Author: Mandy Merriman Pre-Order Now
Title: Sister Strong: Living in Harmony with the Women in our Lives, Author: Hailey Gardiner Pre-Order Now
Title: The Littlest Angel, Author: Brooklyn Parks Pre-Order Now
Title: Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Reforming Lord Ragsdale, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter, Revised Edition, Author: Melissa Moore
Title: Summer Campaign, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Air Fryer Cookbook:In the Kitchen (2nd Edition), Author: Allison Waggoner
Title: A Season of Love: A Christmas Anthology, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: One Step Enough, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Book of Mormon Made Easier: Nephi through Words of Mormon, Author: David J. Ridges
Title: Doing No Harm, Author: Carla Kelly

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