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Title: Artemis Made Me Do It, Author: Trista Mateer
Title: Aphrodite Made Me Do It, Author: Trista Mateer
Title: Sincerely, Author: F. S. Yousaf
Title: 2am Thoughts, Author: Makenzie Campbell
Title: Shades of Lovers, Author: Catarine Hancock
Title: sometimes i fall asleep thinking about you, Author: Catarine Hancock
Title: Honeybee, Author: Trista Mateer
Title: The Surrender Theory: Poems, Author: Caitlin Conlon
Title: Paper Girl and the Knives that Made Her, Author: Ari B. Cofer
Title: Roam, Author: C. H. Armstrong
Title: Unfold: Poetry + Prose, Author: Ari B. Cofer Pre-Order Now
Title: The Innkeeper's Daughter, Author: Bianca  M. Schwarz
Title: All Dogs Are Good: Poems & Memories, Author: Courtney Peppernell
Title: Nineteen, Author: Makenzie Campbell
Title: Turning to Wallpaper: Poems and Art, Author: Heidi Wong
Title: How to be Happy: Not a Self-Help Book. Seriously., Author: Iain S. Thomas
Title: Murmuration, Author: Blake Auden
Title: The Memory of Her, Author: Bianca  M. Schwarz
Title: Rooms of the Mind: Poems, Author: Makenzie Campbell
Title: Pangaea: Prose and Poetry, Author: Hinnah Mian

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