Title: Love on Longboat Key (The Keys to His Heart), Author: Meg West
Title: Love on Lido Key (The Keys to His Heart, #2), Author: Meg West
Title: To Ruin A Rake, Author: Liana LeFey
Title: Love on the Links (The Keys to His Heart, #3), Author: Meg West
Title: Sarana and the Dark King, Author: Ivy Keating
Title: Highland Captive, Author: Mary McCall
Title: Highland Promise, Author: Mary McCall
Title: The Christmas Unicorn, Author: Elf Ahearn
Title: Strangclyf Secret, Author: Mary McCall
Title: Champagne Princess (Reckless Royals, #1), Author: Monica Tillery
Title: Girls Who Wear Glasses, Author: Jennifer Inglis
Title: Smitten, Author: MJ Adams
Title: Beneath the Destiny Stone, Author: Sarah Charles
Title: High Vices, Author: Kelly Hopkins
Title: Black Mingo Creek, Author: Chuck Walsh
Title: A Nutcracker Christmas, Author: Laurie Winter
Title: Moose Ridge: Ending to Beginning, Author: Craig Hastings
Title: The Angel and the Demon (Lead Me Into Temptation, #1), Author: Terri Benson
Title: Battle Dancer, Author: K. M. Tolan
Title: Revolutionary Love, Author: Cass Scotka

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